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T3 designed the new Brewery Pub Concept of Saigon, BELGO, which proposed “homemade” Beers following Belgium recipe. The main idea was to create a North European Industrial atmosphere from the early 20th Century, as to create a unique environment to appreciate Beers and Belgium fusion food.

From of poor existing Concrete structure, T3 turned the Building in an industrial contemporary style, with very interesting Volumes and a large place given to contemporary Art to highlight Belgium Culture and its specific “Twist”. Of course, because the project in located in South Vietnam, T3 adapted the European design to the tropical climate, to make it comfortable for Customers and save energy as much as possible, by having some area naturally ventilated (or only by ceiling fans). And as to reduce the carbon print and also to get an “old” effect, all bricks are second-hand bricks sourced directly in Saigon. Of course, T3 decided to keep the big existing Tree in the courtyard to bring freshness and shadow. Both outdoor walls have been cover by plants to become 2 green walls!

T3 highlighted the Industrial character of the Pub by giving a special place to all brewery equipment and technical elements. The 2 staircases as well as all handrails have been specially designed by T3 who decided to paint all in old copper green color, in reference to the famous Brewery from Brussel, “la Quincaillerie”.

T3 invited some artists to collaborate on Belgo project, as to bring the Belgium Twist into the Pub. First, we have a motorbike sculpture suspended between the 2 floors, with a driver loosing many objects from is backpack, with reference to the Belgium culture: comics, etc. The tube lights around look completely messy, but, if you look at the motorbike from the front, it creates a kind of HOOP around which prove than Culture shock can be considered from different point of view… Then, we have several photography about Belgium culture. Mathias just paint directly on it to bring humor and the “crazy” Belgium side. We also decided to paint 2 corners with red and yellow colors from Belgium flag to break the perspective and create special effect with floor, wall and ceiling merging together. At last, 3 Manneken Pis have been located in the courtyard as a fountain and a wink to Belgium.

All furniture (made by metal and oak wood) and decorative lighting (made from original “Magritte” hats, beer bottles or metal pieces) has been specially designed by T3 Team for Belgo. All metal works have been tailor made by local contractor, especially the polished metal panels with mirrors on walls (to create reflection and enlarge the space) and the 2 bars (Belgo signature). Enjoy!

T3 decided to used second-hand bricks for the whole project, to get the “historical” touch in terms of design, then, to make the project as green as possible by recycling existing materials sourced directly in Saigon. To avoid overloading on structure, we cut in 2 pieces a part of the bricks to use it as wall finish for interior design.

Architects: T3 Architecture Asia
Architect in Charge: Charles Gallavardin, Thang Hoang Le Manh, Tereza Gallavardin
Photography by Brice Godard

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