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In the heart of the historic landmark that is Sevilla, face to face with the Giralda and the biggest gothic cathedral in the world, there you find EME Catedral Hotel, a versatile, open and surprising designer Andalucian setting. The old and the new Sevilla at EME Catedral Hotel. Tradition and avant-garde unite in a unique hotel, one of a kind. Located in the heart of the historic landmarks of Sevilla, throughout its 60 rooms and numerous common areas lead the guest to discover a tribute to the roots of Andalucía, from the Arabic heritage to the Spanish Golden Age, in a tone of contemporary design.

Resulting from the restoration of 14 Sevillian houses from the 16​ century with a great historic value, the hotel is located inside the true heart of the city of Seville, just a few meters away from the emblematic Giralda and the Cathedral of Santa María Reyes, the biggest gothic temple in the world. EME Catedral Hotel displays a renewed concept of fusion: historical memory and cutting-edge design where monumental character is combined with new architecture, along with a baroque style that contrasts with minimalism, etc. An urban hotel where the true luxury is that everything is possible: rest, leisure, gastronomy, culture, shopping…

Discover EME Catedral Hotel and enjoy Sevilla only for your eyes in a modern and comfortable environment, with an exceptional quality of service. Anything could happen in such as a setting as the EME Catedral Hotel, keep an eye out for new trends and artistic and cultural movements. The diverse EME spaces were designed to harbor and naturally integrate guests into the city’s whirlwind, and at the same time, offer Sevilla an essential logistic location to carry out and project all sorts of festive and cultural events.

Seville. Santo Copas is, without a doubt, one of the most exclusive places in the city, EME Catedral Hotel’s bar. An executive and sophisticated atmosphere where anything is possible, from a business meeting to an exhibition by the hottest artist in town. Centro Wellness “DE ​ SPA ​ CIO” In the heart of Seville, between the bustle of those who are coming and going and enjoying the center of the city, one is thankful to have a space where time stops and wellness and relax are the only things that matter. Exclusively for the guests staying at EME, we offer our Centro Wellness de Bienestar, a five-star oasis of peace where water is the essential element as a source for hydrotherapy and relax.

Discover our heated pool with vertical waterfall and lateral streams, shower, the relaxing Hamman, or the contrast of the Ice Fountain… Furthermore, we have a Relax Area. Ultimately, a space solely devoted to health and wellness without leaving EME Catedral Hotel, the Boutique Hotel of the heart of Seville. TERRACES Sevilla is not the same if one does not visit the terraces of EME Catedral Hotel. One of the most special places in the world due to its privileged location, next to the north profile of the Giralda and the cathedral of Seville, which gives undoubtedly, the most exceptional and breathtaking view of the monumental center of the city.

An authentic oasis outdoors in the most exclusive coordinates of Sevilla. Panoramic Restaurant of the EME Catedral Hotel’s terrace A select and unique restaurant, one of a kind, where guests can enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the cathedral and the Giralda, as well as a sophisticated menu which changes every season. Grand cuisine of fusion and Mediterranean food with grill touches for people who search for new and original experiences. EME Catedral Hotel – Calle Alemanes, 27 – 41001 Sevilla – Tel. +34 954 560 000 – Fax +34 954 561 000 6

EME Catedral Hotel’s terrace Nights in Seville have a ‘must’ at EME’s terrace, the spot where everyone want to be, a sophisticated and stylish atmosphere, the terrace of the center with direct views of the cathedral of Sevilla and the Giralda. The terrace-bar is open 365 days a year, from Monday to Friday from 4.00 PM, and on weekends from 12.00 PM. The most emblematic space of EME Catedral Hotel, where you can enjoy unforgettable soirees with the best electronic music of the moment, the most sophisticated atmosphere and famous cocktails, as well as the delicious mojitos for the season.

Elegant sounds chosen by our DJ, the omnipresence of the skyline of Sevilla and attentive and exquisite staff; these are some of the reasons why EME’s terrace is a compulsory visit in the city, both for the visitor and for the native public. Moreover, all of the terraces which make up the complex can be reserved for business events or private celebrations along with an excellent catering service, joined with the rest of terraces or with an exclusive character. FIGURES EME Catedral Hotel has a 4080 m ​ 2​ surface available. The building is the result of 14 annexed houses, whose different heights and morphologies have been balanced into a meticulous project that gives a great special richness to the complex and the hotel as a whole.

In total, it is comprised of 5 floors (4 of them one can see from the street). Guests have 60 rooms of a unique and customized design at their disposal. Among other facilities, the hotel has a lobby, a meetings conference room, a wellness center, a roof club, 4 restaurants, 2 pools, a gym, a solarium and 10 spacious terraces for versatile uses. EME Catedral Hotel – Calle Alemanes, 27 – 41001 Sevilla – Tel. +34 954 560 000 – Fax +34 954 561 000 7
The complex employs 150 members of our staff.

EME Catedral Hotel brings to life the dream of the Maireles Group, a company with a solvency that has been proved throughout their trajectory of almost 40 years. The solid values which have characterized the company from its creation have laid the foundation for a philosophy in which imagination, desire to project, looking at our current society in the eye and the implementation of avant-garde solutions are the main concepts. Therefore, in each of the projects of the Maireles Group there is a bet on an ideal of personalization and exclusivity, the spirit and will to grow, and the desire to take on new and exciting challenges.

With EME, the company makes a brave and generous bet on providing Sevilla with a truly unique establishment, a catalyst of employment and wealth with devotion to the city. A hotel of and for people, alive, dynamic, and inside which something is constantly happening. A space to foster creativity to develop and harbor experiences with an artistic and cultural character. In the end, a wish: do our bit to help the international projection of the city, which has seen how this company was born and has grown, a restless company that constantly reinvents itself.

Architect: Juan Pedro Donaire
Interior design: Sandra Tarruella and Isabel López

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