The Landwave office by PAL Design, Shanghai – China

February 12th, 2017 by retail design blog

Located in the heart of the financial center of Shanghai, the Landwave is designed for a local financial company. The challenge is to break the stereotypical office setting and provide a new perspective based on the working pattern of the financial company. The concept of this office design is revolved by creating a fluid landscape in order to inject new energy and also providing a relaxing working environment.

This new working landscape composed of positive and negative spaces – wrapped around with a radically aseptic combination of white corian and a layer of natural timber. As a result of the lopping envelope, a diversity of space was provided for meeting and interaction. The touch of an orange color is to serve as the highlighter for individual zones. For the enclosed space, glass walls are installed as the divider between the private space and the communal area.

Through the manipulation of the transparency and these glass walls, staff can weaken the boundary between the private and public space. The fluid curve is integrated naturally into the working spaces in which build a feeling of relax and comfortable environment. The new landscape created an office that reflected the company’s intention of working pattern to bring a layer of personal experience into a workspace. Such an organic new working landscape inspired staffs to be more energetic with an active attitude.

Design: PAL Design

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