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La Victoria Pharmacy is one of those projects that one rarely comes across in one’s professional career. It is a listed building and a space that has always been a pharmacy ever since 1860. There was a great sense of eagerness to bring its image up to date and revitalize the shopping experience. We had to rise to the challenge. Our way of approaching retail projects as integrated projects in which the brand, the space and the communication must go hand in hand, together with the constraints intrinsic to a listed premise meant that the re-designing of this sales outlet would have to be based on three fundamental pillars.

Creating the La Victoria brand: It was necessary to highlight the value of the tradition and commitment of La Victoria Pharmacy to its mission. The brand takes its name from the street where it the premises are located: the logo is inspired by the goddess of Victory and we have re-interpreted a detail of the original walls to come up with the graphic element of the flower that accompanies the corporate image in the various elements of the branding such as the packaging, stationery, etc.

Enlargement of the commercial space: One of the keys to boosting sales and return on investment has been to increase the commercial space. to no longer be an “over the counter” pharmacy to create specialized retail zones. This was achieved with the incorporation of a new drawer unit, the removal of a door that was being used as a partition screen and the construction of a new set of shop furniture in one of the areas of the building that was not covered by the restrictions in the heritage listing. The result? A pharmacy that specializes in the categories: Skincare, Natural Products and Medicines. A welcoming space, where the clientèle are free to browse and the staff can provide an agile, warm and personalized customer service.

Light and colour: One of the aspects that has grabbed the attention of the pharmacy’s regular customers most has been the light. We have incorporated lighting in the vintage shop furnishings associated with the sale of skincare and natural products. As well as adding new lighting by means of projectors mounted on rails across the ceiling. In terms of colour, we have opted for a combination that transitions from the garnet shade present on the shop front and internal tiling to an olive green, similar to that used in the original encaustic cement tiles and present most of the floor of the pharmacy.

We finished off the project by giving the owners and staff a specialized training course in visual merchandising to help them to understand what the customers and feel and perceive in response to the stimuli that the pharmacy’s image now projects. Everyone here wishes a long and prosperous life to La Victoria Pharmacy, serving the community’s pharmaceutical needs since 1860.

Design: Marketing Jazz

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