Pim Pam FOC restaurant by Lagranja Design, Singapore

March 27th, 2017 by retail design blog

With a focus on the affordable and entertaining dining experience for the latest FOC restaurant, Lagranja Design studio has created a lively and colorful version. It maintains the narrative experience by furnishing the space with typical but reinterpreted Catalan elements. The fabulous venue is located at Orchard St., one of the most splendid areas of Singapore where the atmosphere of Pim Pam FOC is characterized by being contemporary with cosmopolitan charm.

Being this one its third restaurant, Lagranja has designed ad-hoc pieces to give continuity to the speech of the restaurants FOC. It has created pieces that complete the necessary ingredients to make this new space a place full of culture in a modern context, a place to be enjoyed together with its great culinary offer.

What most impresses the visitor is how Lagranja has transformed elements of the original structure, such as the columns converted into Capgrossos (typical papier-mâché giants); as well as the lamp that features Els Castellers (the stunning human tower that is one of the most amazing shows of typical Catalan celebrations), and of course the furniture specially designed by Lagranja.

Paying attention to all details, the bar is made of handcrafted wood from which the hangers emerge. Also, a mosaic with bright colours over the hydraulic floor offers warmth to the space. This new place in Singapore welcomes the visitor in a different way: with a fun and cultural background.

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