Hermès store relocation by Rdai, London – UK

March 29th, 2017 by retail design blog

London has historically been home to a sizeable demographic of big spenders, creating a luxury ecosystem only very few other cities can rival. As of late, the high-end segment is in turbo spin, resulting in a deluge of openings and upgrades in both retail and hospitality. And on top of it all, the pound’s slumping exchange rate has further boosted the British capital stature as the preferred shopping destination of trophy hunters near and far. Amidst the current retail frenzy, the house of Hermès has also raised its profile, relocating its boutique in the swanky neighbourhood of Belgravia a few blocks down the road to premises almost double the size. It’s set across two floors of a listed 1950s building, and the interior design by Paris-based architecture practice Rdai is predictably lavish and elegant.

Shoppers can marvel at a blend of marmorino stuccoed walls, paneling of precious wood, marble accents, and silk carpeting as far as the eye can see. Furnishings are custom-made, oozing Hermès’ discreet sense of chic, comprising of a variety of cabinets, displays and display tables. A swirling wooden staircase leads upstairs where the atmosphere is no less plush, but takes on a tad more masculine guise, with an infusion of light timber flooring and paneling.

As said, the relocated Hermès boutique boasts ample space, and anticipating a higher turnover, it carries each of the luxury house’s product ranges, including men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, leather goods, silk scarves, equestrian gear and homewares, and also offers its sur mesure service for its most discerning clientele.

Design: Rdai


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