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A couple of years ago our customers move from Saint-Petersburg to Moscow, and leave there one awesome apartment in the heart of the city. So they decided to make cozy, “tasty” and interesting party-place for tourist, who travel to our city. So, together we decided to make theme apartment about St. Petersburg with several rooms which show different places of interest in our city. It was made to show all the best of «North capital” in one space for it’s lodgers and guests.

It is our second project for this customers, and they fully trust us and gave us absolute freedom in our actions. In the beginning they said us only one thing: “Let’s make a bomb!”
This apartment is 170 sq.m. And earlier there was very old and terrible common flat (in russian it’s sounds like “kamunalka”) for several families with one common kitchen and one common toilet. It was look like a scenery for the horror movie. After all it became very bright and colorful space with five theme bedrooms in “loft” style with “kitsch” elements.

Living room is our “St. Isaac’s square” with “St. Isaac’s cathedral’s” bathed (chandelier and four floor lamps) and floating matroshkas! Bedroom “Cruiser “Aurora” has two decks, rope chandelier and lifebuoys on the wall. Bedroom “Russian ballet” is very light, airy and has its own ballet barre and ballet tutus under the ceiling. Spectacular and juicy bedroom “Ciniselli Circus” takes us to the circus arena (by the way “Ciniselli Circus” is situated in one minute by walk from this apartment). And of course, our main place of interest is “Amber room”. The main

Idea is to make amber-like room without using this material. So we made copper panels on the walls and write here word “amber” on the thirty different languages. “It’s a bomb, guys!” – said our customers after watching final look. And at that moment we understand that everything turned out!

Designed by To Taste
Photography by Sergey Krasyuk

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