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In tune with the new design concept created by Francesc Rifé Studio for the fashion and footwear brand ASH, this store located on London’s Marylebone High Street is marked by a golden ceiling and tubular metal structure that seek to enrich the simple forms of the space and its concrete neutral base.

The new design gives more prominence to the product displayed through two main features. On the other hand, the concrete surrounds the whole inside space—from shelves to walls, floor and ceiling—providing neutral and minimalist surfaces, and allowing the footwear come quickly into focus through a linear lighting integrated in the shelves. Additionally, a brass frame has been used throughout one side of the shop connecting the shoes on display with prêt-à-porter. The goal is that those lines are a reminder of the shapes suggested by the traditional bamboo scaffolding.

The poetic touch is the golden “cloud” used as the project’s key note. The peculiarity of this ceiling is the integration of multiple holes from which light is projected depending on the needs of space; while other holes are used to add lamps and accessories. The lighting of this area is defined by spots with a very small size, to illuminate the product properly, giving as a result a starry sky.

With a rectangular shape a central pillar is used to distribute the space. This is where the counter is located: a volume of concrete in which the smaller products are displayed. At this point the layout falls symbolically into two main territories. Towards the rear, a space mostly dedicated to prêt-à-porter integrates a fitting room designed in a gray smoke mirror. Throughout the store there are distributed cubic concrete display podiums and seat benches from Carmenes.

The neutral language of the concrete extends to the showcase, conceived to work with dynamic and changing installations. To contribute to its prominence, the facade is painted in black seeking discretion and including two clean interpretation of the logo: one in brass, and a second in backlit.

Architects: Francesc Rifé Studio
Lead Architect: Francesc Rifé Studio
Design Team: Alberto Olmos, Sergio Alfonso, Bruno Benedito, Carlos Fernández, Patricia Guridi, Carlos Olmos, Sònia Pellicer, Juan David Ocampo, Paola Noguera
Photographs: David Zarzoso

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