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“The Four Elements” is the new CCube exposition concept, the Cleaf corporate showroom, designed by Studiopepe. An immersive pathway that explores the versatility of Cleaf surfaces through the theory of the four elements of Nature: water, air, earth and fire. A multisensory environment in which the visitor can move freely to discover the multiplicity of finishes and decorative papers which interact with each other through the law of the ‘harmony of the elements’.

CCube’s light and airy rooms occupy 700 sqm of floorspace on four levels to provide: a site specific installation in the central area, a series of abstract compositions on the walls of the four main rooms and four exposition platforms on the two basement floors. The space is completed by a lounge and consulting area in the wings of the entrance and a meeting area on the top floor.

Site specific installation (central area)
A forest of melamine faced panels in different shapes and sizes welcomes the visitor and guides them to the discovery of the four elements thanks to a sound installation which produces an audio cue as one approaches the stairways leading to the four main rooms. The melamine faced panels are all in the same white decorative paper combined with different textures to highlight the tactile aspect.

Abstract compositions (four main rooms)
A pigeonhole shelving structure on wall grids with melamine faced panels in an arrangement based on the dominant chromatics of the four elements create abstract compositions that follow the scheme suggested by the grid design. Warm colours for fire, neutral for air, cold for water and intense for earth.

Exposition platforms (basement floors)
Four spaces are reconstructed with the same surfaces used in the abstract wall compositions suggesting various methods and fields of application. The exposition platforms can also be viewed from above.

“Our collection of surfaces is an open system in continual development. A multiplicity of finishes and decorative papers that offer an elegant ‘skin’ for the world of furnishings and interior design” – comments Alessandro Carrara, Managing Director of Cleaf – “The CCube space allows us to create narratives that result in a coordinated interior design system, with panels that designers can use to make furniture or cover spaces as a single integrated process”.

“The theory of the four elements of Nature states everything that exists is made up of a composition of water, air, earth and fire. This gave us the idea for a new way to interpret the Cleaf surface collection – comments Arianna Lelli Mami of Studiopepe – “Each of the four elements characterizes a set of finishes and decorative papers which interact through the harmony of the elements”.

The Four Elements
A project by Studiopepe
Sound design: Painè Cuadrelli
Photos: Valentina Sommariva
Illustration: Alberto Fiocco
Furniture: Cassina – Glas Italia – Knoll – Magis – Riva 1920

Cleaf is an Italian company producing innovative surfaces and solutions for the furniture and interior design industries.
Melamine faced panels, laminates and edges exclusively manufactured at production sites in Brianza and installed worldwide by architects and companies to build inspirational spaces for living and working.

Studiopepe, founded in Milan in 2006 by Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto, both graduates at Politecnico of Milan, offers design and creative consulting through a multidisciplinary approach capable of creating a dialogue between the various environments of the creative and artistic project. Currently the studio focuses on the fields of interiors and design, carrying out research on materials through the production of works of art in limited editions.

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