White Luxury exhibition by Marco Piva, Milan – Italy

April 22nd, 2017 by retail design blog

In the context of White in the City project, Marco Piva has developed the concept of WHITE LUXURY. Inside the monumental structure of “Sala della Passione” of the Brera Art Academy, a surprising and engaging setting has been realized. The White colour, a dominant element of the whole exhibition along the city of Milan, is here presented in connection with a cultured and refined idea of Luxury. An exciting “mise-en-scène” of furniture products, materials, finishes and textures have been used to interpret sophisticated variations on the White theme.

Marble, ceramic, wood, glass, mosaics and textiles are the reference materials of a vast collection related to the most refined items in the field of architecture, interior, industrial and fashion design. Through the exhibition, visitors will enjoy a multi-sensory experience, where watches, clothes, and fashion accessories – produced by some of the most important brands in the world – find comparison with latest generation mobile phones, tablets, and exclusive car design components, in a unique environment animated by visual projections and “3D virtual tours” in a world of Luxury.

In particular, wall coverings, floorings and lighting elements show the possibilities of production and the intrinsic qualities that Italian Design is able to give to materials and spaces. The monumental and spectacular fresco on the vault of “Sala della Passione” dominates the exhibition, with its angelic figures on the two huge canvases that are permanently on display, appear to the visitor’s eyes through boxes, confirming that Art, in the monumental complex of Brera Academy, remains forever the real protagonis

Design: Marco Piva

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  1. Great crew, amazing location… We are glad to have worked at this project!

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