SEONgon Office by D+ Studio, Hanoi – Vietnam

May 21st, 2017 by retail design blog

D+ Studio has designed the new offices of media company SEONgon, located in Hanoi, Vietnam. SEONgon is a media company, a partner of Google in Vietnam. The SEONgon office is an office of young people, where they have the bizarre, creative things of the people who work in the MEDIA field . We understand, respect and try to carry out their ideas. We received a lot of space functional requirements in the design description. SEONgon office activities are divided into two main thing which are: working related to media work and training on google adwords.

One of the requirements we received was to separate the pathway for company employees and trainees to avoid disturbing. That is why “tunnels” appear in this office. The tunnel is a pathway reserved for trainees. For us we want to create a change of sense of space. From the approach, the trainees will go into the dark, small tunnel to lead into the larger, brighter classroom. From there, they will come back and tell this to others. With SEONgon it’s a good idea because their field of activity is communication.

The curves are reflected in much of the office space, which represents the simplicity of SEONgon’s brand identity. Another purpose is to create a visual effect between the ceiling and the floor in the entire office space. Another interesting thing in this space is the mobility of the training room. It can be separated to create a small meeting room.

And, when necessary,it can be extended to provide space for a large training room with more trainees. The solution we use here is the movable partition. This partition can be used as a writing board for both meetings and training activities. We’ve tried to create a highly flexible space, that can solve the problem of user density. With 250 m2 this office can serve the maximum of 80 working people at the same time.

Design: D+ Studio
Photography: Thien Thach

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