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Visual media are infiltrating into daily life deeply. An increasing number of people are expressing themselves through various UCC platforms such as YouTube or Africa TV as well as SNS. However, video studio is as unfamiliar as ever to the public. Opened near Gangnam Station late last April, Jam2go is complex cultural space of new concept, where anyone can produce video while seeing, listening, eating and enjoying.

As its name means ‘to go with fun’ (‘jam’ is modified expression of ‘fun’ in Korean), anyone can produce video easily at this studio just like take-out of beverage. It is because that it has ‘Jam Studio’ with equipments for filming, lighting and recording at the broadcasting station level, automatic editing software, and unmanned filming system which needs no manpower.

Overwhelming the first floor of Jam2go, opening-and-shutting media wall ‘Full Automatic’ studio has 10 cameras. Performing and singing image is composed by chroma-key technique and edited as video at this studio.

The image can be seen at stage, media wall and online site of Jam2go in real time. It provides media experiences through both of on-line and off-line. A platform for performance, recording and video production presents freshness and familiarity with F&B service.

Equipping epoch-making programs, this studio consists of a space for rental and three floors such as the first floor, mezzanine and the second floor. Enormous acoustic equipments in control room beyond information desk, and large media screen and stage on the first floor tell the use of this space intuitively and evoke customers’ curiosity.

There are main studio for performance on the first floor and small studio for recording on the second floor. According to the spatial features, there are two human traffic lines; one is for general customers and other is for artists only.

Users of studio can access to waiting room and practice room through spiral stairway beside entrance, which is connected to the small studio on the second floor. A private stairway to VIP room on the mezzanine is built separately. Complex and independent human traffic lines look like a labyrinth.

The first floor is created with atmosphere of Level Square, and the second floor is of Mirror Square, according to the whole concept of ’Wonderland’. A hall of the first floor looks like a square where users can walk and sit freely.

Various level differences make inside look like outside. Differently from the first floor with vibrant and active atmosphere, the second floor is composed with casual and dreamlike ambience. Mirror of the ceiling reflecting dynamic spatial sense as a sphere floats and a mass turns over, makes interior space felt more fantastic.

Adding to this, both of the first and the second floor reveal their spatial features, showing vivid colors and materials repetitively. Outstanding elements such as patterned brick and colored glass used here and there empower to the concept of Wonderland.

These elements appeal much more simply and symbolically because they penetrate the aim constantly as cultural playground for coming true the creators’ dream. It is expected that the creators with talent and originality can realize their ideas and embody their imagination while communicating with the world freely.

Design: Betwin Space Design
Photography: Yong-joon Choi

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