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A “fair price” product that takes part in an absolutely ‘deluxe’ experience. A space that faithfully reflects the values of the Hawkers product, through finishings that mix marble and stainless steel, meeting that attention to detail that engages the buyer’s whole experience in the store. With three floors, each one with a defined personality, that complement each other to make of the first physical Hawkers store the perfect next step for a brand that keeps evolving without losing a single bit of its innovative and rebel character.

On this floor the quick sell is optimized. A process of choosing by fitting, with custom-made furniture designed to be a selling accelerator, removing the complications of the traditional shopping experience. The glasses come closer to the customer, making the exchange a lot easier, getting rid of the classic optical shop’s barriers and allowing the client to touch and appreciate the product in the backlit display shelfs, in a process based on wanting/buying/leaving.

“The low level intends to translate the frenetic rhythm of the online selling to the store. Short experiences in a qualitative space full of dynamism.” – Says Borja Berna, architect at CuldeSac™ Custom Retail. The stairs are built with light and colours that invite us to discover the upper floor, while preserving the purely digital essence of the brand. On this floor the customer will experiment a completely different experience, turning the personal advice into a social event, with ‘selfie opportunity’ corners.

Inside the ‘glass bar’ – a space with a modern aesthetic that preserves the charm of the purest bars of the center of Madrid, while strengthening Hawkers classic contrasts -, a specialist serves fresh pieces of advice to help you find your glasses, becoming the host of a ritual that takes place around a counter. Lucía del Portillo, partner and creative director of CuldeSac Custom, explains that ‘luxury is within the service, and the feeling of social activity, in which you hold the glasses as if they were cups, with your elbow set on the counter.

It’s the transformation of what is pre-established: the experience that was once individual becomes a shared moment.’ Last but not least, a private space is hidden in the basement. A versatile place reserved for staff, but that is also prepared to support any kind of event. A room where the access will be granted only by those in charge of a brand that is characterised for offering the unexpected as a trademark. The whole store holds an aesthetic that, without setting itself apart from the Hawkers essence at any time, offers a new and innovative image, ready to keep up with a brand that does not hold back from its unstoppable growth.

Design: CuldeSac Custom Retail
Photography: David Nohales

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