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As well as just notifying a visitor information. A memory of travel, a memory and inspiration to Osaka-jo. Information is done. A visitor seems to find out an official shop by a look. The “outdoor tea ceremony umbrella” used for a logo in facilities is dropped on the design, and it’s included. While they’re close for common people then on the concept of “restaurant”, and it’s travel. By making them imagine the place used as a lounge.

I thought to make link tourist’s use scene with a historical background. To be able to inflate an image that the way leads to Osaka-jo donjon from here for a coming person. I intend to feel travel to here with a background in the time. Information and a gift are offered, the distance to in the Osaka-jo park and the donjon and. In order to enjoy oneself of continuation of new travel from here.

Make link a tourist and this place as Osaka-jo park with history. I’m thinking whether you could feel 1 page of old history around here even a little and am designing. Next to the “new face” in Osaka-jo and Osaka-jo park I connect each and make them feel. It’s made the design conscious of appearance as the satellite shop.

Design: Shoichiro Muroya, Yu Takamine / ZYCC CORPORATION

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