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DoDo, at Pudong, Shanghai, with the total area of 5,500 m², includes Children Education Center and Picture Book Library. At the beginning, TBDC did several analyses: integrate the attempt and need of the management team; make deep observations on the homogeneous local brands and international trend; make design strategies with creativity, high efficiency, and efficacy.

To meet children’s need for a complete and reasonable knowledge system and compensate for the existing kindergartens and traditional nursery education, Children Education Center adopts the basic STEAM concept and selects fifteen international elite courses to encourage children’s development and progress in science, technology, engineering, art, and math, making up for Chinese nursery education.

Children can cultivate their attempting and logical thinking in science and the deductive thinking in art, looking for their interests and specialties to achieve excellence in all aspects of knowledge. Based on STEAM, TBDC adopts the teaching classification different from the traditional classrooms and divides the environments into “MIT,” “Die Pinakothek der Moderne,” and “Metropolitan Opera House.”

From the entrance with high control, multimedia and the visual system representing the international flight routes serve as the guidance to the flow. Children can explore by following the colors and flight routes to arrive at their own buildings and are therefore arranged to the specific teaching space.

The interior is equipped with the children’s toilets, drinking fountains, and the facilities to assist the children to develop their ability in personal management. Besides meeting the children’s need to play freely, safely, and happily during courses, at the same time we also provide the parents out of the control area with a relaxing and elegant environment to take a rest, read, as well as have a cup of coffee comfortably. They can also buy the products they like.

The floors are separated for different ages, and on each floor the books are further categorized. There are also the categories for the cooperative famous authors for the convenience of searching. Besides the different furniture in each area, the shelves can also be freely combined into needed shape and measurement according to different space and numbers of books.

Safety is the uncompromising top priority for TBDC. The overall space air monitoring, installment of many hand disinfection equipment, body temperature monitoring, strict control over the admission, eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, and the flexible floor and walls are all the basic care for children behind the design.

Design: Janus Huang, Roy Huang, Irene Pan, Verda Chen / Taipei Base Design Center

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