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A new concept in retail that removes the traditional physical store limits and brings the product way closer to the client in a completely different shopping experience. The Foot Truck by Coolway Freestyle allows us to talk about a new retail concept far away from the static models that exist nowadays.

The customer-selling channels are becoming more and more virtual, and the foot truck reverses the ‘client goes to the shop’ dynamic to generate window displays that approach the client in highly specific environments; such as music festivals, cultural encounters, etc. In times when e-shopping is growing in terms of relevance, what makes the concept really interesting is the fact that it turns shopping out of the store into a true event, making it a ‘wheeled experience’, and bringing it to completely out-of-context situations.

The cube and the cylinder – both parts of the Coolway Freestyle logo – are ambassadors of this brand-new concept. The cube, transparent, is ‘the place to buy’, and the cylinder interacts with the public throughout motion-capture technologies, making them part of a great performance in which campaigns and product take part.

Both – cube and cylinder – are capable, by using a combination of video and light, of synchronising the video projected on the screen with the rhythm of the music, which made Les Arts Festival – starting point of its journey – the perfect stage for the truck to present a full display.

Design: Culdesac Custom Retail
Photography: Hello Bien Studio

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