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COMET offers companies to rent inspiring spaces dedicated to active, reactive, creative and interactive meetings and seminars. Guided towards the idea of building a Brand with the efficiency and the flexibility as its core values, Generous conceived a customers’ journey demonstrating these concepts. The on site experience is the reflection of the brand promise: Real Meeting Spaces; Comet is idea booster.

Everything is thought and structured to optimize efficiency. Every detail strengthen the ability for the visitors to share, to be creative and to focus. COMET demonstrates an expertise on getting productive through well-being. A brand speech forging the core brand DNA and vision.

-The Ways of working Revolution -From the workstation to the work style: For 10 years, we have gone from box-offices to shared and fluid spaces of collaboration. -Today, almost 60% of french Gen Y employees consider that new technologies will make face to face communication obsolete.

The need for efficient meeting out of the daily hassle -Only 52% of meetings are considered as productive (OpinionWay) -Only 1 out of 4 meetings result in a decision-making process -And more… -Seminars are shorter, closer, cheaper -The offer of seminar room keeps getting less attractive -The new working generations expect more with more volatility. The ambition of an international project: Paris as the first Real Meeting Space (before rolling it out).

Design: Generous

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