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Unicorn is a fashion brand store in Shenzhen, specializing in its original design and high quality. Hejidesign used a different way to renew the original store, creating a chic space for retail display. Different from other clothing stores, there are no window displays at UNICORN. Instead, the windows are draped in white cloth, adding an air of mystery, and creating an aura of a hidden art gallery. Tiny threads weaving together are the core of any piece of fabric, and the intrinsic element of fashion itself. We bestow new life on each piece of thread, continuously innovating to create unique elements.

With a metal frame displaying neon text, mounted on a green wall, the reception bar was designed with a particular creativity – not because of the chosen materials themselves, which were rather ordinary, but because of their unusual arrangement. The tabletops, floor, and sofa used a grayish color that correlated with the industrial-style ceiling, starkly contrasting the natural green and unique metallic color of the reception area. Similar to sprucing up a piece of neutral clothing with something bright, the pastel-grey of the main venue was livened up with a collision of colored acrylic swatches, serving as the cherry on top of a beautifully decorated venue.

The pink-gray logo and silver mesh combination naturally agreed with the overall design of the clothing, breathing new life into the athletic fashion craze. Connected by floating clothes hangers, the display areas are scattered throughout the center of the store, making it difficult to miss important sections. Shoppers freely move around the store, losing track of time among the displays. Lounge areas are thoughtfully located at all corners of the store, giving tired shoppers an opportunity to make themselves at home, and soak up the vitality of the surrounding atmosphere. The space on the left hand side of the store was left space to give the store full of dazzling displays some breathing room, bringing the focus back to the art itself.

Meticulously avoiding the use of models, or piles of plaster-based geometric shapes and statues, the store emanates a distinct aesthetic feeling acutely different from that of other clothing stores. At the heart of every appreciator of beauty is a desire for a large, spacious fitting room. A full-length, metal framed mirror gives each piece of clothing the head-to-toe appreciation it deserves, while a soft, pink carpet tempts shoppers to slide bare feet against the smooth surface. The feeling of satisfaction is completed by the sofa in each room, allowing you and your partners a well-deserved rest.

Design: Hejidesign
Photography: Tony Chen

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