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A Gentle Planet – NIC is a cool rapper with T-shirt and tattoo. However, there is a tender idealist inside. It will be difficult to be understood by the public at beginning. Nic say goodbye to the past with his new boutique shop. This is his own planet. The design is just like a fashion planet. The circular motif is interpreted as different presentations on the first and second floor. The first floor consists of three elliptical spheres. The luminous ceiling provides the interior of the soft light, depicting the sharp outline of the geometry.

The second floor is based on a series of arcs. The ups and downs of the plane delineate the layers of space. Up and down is a group of dualities. The black-white contrast with the colorful, the vertical contrast with the horizontal. Circle is a symbol with a metaphor beyond materiality. Because of the different materials, it does not show a distinctive feature here, but kind of poetic softness. Walk through a long corridor, as if through the universe of time tunnel, from one planet to another. I think Nic and us are both innovators.

Mur Mur Lab focus on the theory of architecture and establishing the relationship between designs and human beings. The geometric order is a powerful tool for us to cut into every complex current situation. The natural narration is the point that we study at present. There are some special features about Nic’s site. It is located in commerce at old residential buildings, which is in a state of disorder. To this end, we need to find a strong geometric order to reintegrate the scattered elements of the site.

The circle is the motif we found, which is both extended and centripetal, complete but flexible enough. The circular combination is compatible with the tortuous boundaries of the site, and providing a strong subjective geometric order. The arc is developed for a series of deductions, stools, exhibition stands, walls, roofs and lamps in the vertical direction, giving the space a distinctive feature. The control of geometric order and the imagination of natural narration will gradually retreat to the background of the form in the future, to be the precipitation of the design philosophy of Mur Mur.

The facade is “simple” . It turns off all the wonderful inside, but it leaves a few round windows for you to explore. The appearance of the form is only a natural occurrence of the results, so there is no need to follow the style. Nic’s new shop is like a signal. After the completion of the work, I recommended him to another boutique in Shanghai, where young people get together, and find themselves. Each design of Mur Mur Lab also issues our own invitation to the outside world. It is fun, as like a movement.

Design: Mur Mur Lab
Photography: Unitu, Yang Liu

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