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The Thinking Gallery Space provides rental services for exhibitions, parties, and classes. Concretizing abstract thinking enables us to sketch outlines on paper. The orientations of thought are like angles and changes in light and shadow, and different people do not necessarily see details of pictures in the same way. Based on this, we derived a means by which to embody thought and created the Thinking Gallery Space, which allows us to enjoy the thinking process in a tranquil atmosphere.

The concept is divided into two independent entities, which formed the design inspiration for the two visual walls. Interlacing blocks, line proportion arrangements, and variously oriented light and shadow formations were used to create the artistic atmosphere for the space. Long and narrow corridors were created based on considerations for Feng Shui and physical restrictions of the building. The design concepts were transformed to feature corridors and walls that enhance the dynamics and versatility of the long and narrow space.

The functionality of the space is diverse owing to the incorporation of special vertically moveable doors and flexible panels. Thus, the space can function as a large conference room or two small meeting rooms separated by the flexible panels in between; alternatively, all of the doors and panels can be removed to form a completely open space without a corridor, or the moveable doors and panels can be arranged to create an open and dynamic gallery space.

Design: Howard Yu, William Sun / Studio In2
Photography: Mr Kuo

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