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Deliverables included a space exuding the radiance associated with beautiful, vibrant and shiny hair brimming with vitality. Therefore, we endeavored to create a space that would envelop the body in such radiance by making the entire ceiling into a luminous crystal symbolizing the ideal of resplendent hair.

Metallic waves, representing the bright, aerial, gracious way in which hair flows, are intricately weaved into a white matrix of geometric patterns (a lattice structure featuring a signature color gradation of white and wooden tones) to produce a mystical luminous crystal from which a subdued light scatters as it bounces off the creases in the metal.

Abundant expressivity is imparted to the crystal of light by the overlapping of the white lattice and the metal wave, with the former gushing through the space like sparkling whitewater, and the latter producing a current filled with vibrant vitality. Structurally, the white lattice compound consists of three dimensional lattice objects inserted between layers of planar grid objects, which are arranged to mutually interact, thereby further diversifying one’s experience of the space’s depth and expanse.

The light reflected off the metal waves and penetrating the white lattice produces intricate and constantly evolving expressions throughout the entire space that enables patrons to experience an ever-changing atmosphere as this layered structure will be perceived differently depending on their relative position and line of sight at any given time.

Furthermore, we created a space in which minute shifts in natural light can be felt throughout the day and the seasons, and the evolving landscape appreciated to the fullest, by playing with the configuration of the white lattice/metal wave compound according to each area and increasing the circumvolutions in the metal waves acting as reflectors inside the hair cutting area where natural light comes in the most.

By increasing the density of the white matrix above the central aisle, we were able to lower the height of the ceiling and break up the rhythm to create a cozy and inviting space where the body can become immersed in a hushed vibe as it passes under the white crystal covering the ceiling.

Moreover, variations in the purple and powdery silver color gradation on the walls surrounding the shampooing area confers the sparkle of life to the space. We sought to honor the beauty of hair and replicate the spatial experience of penetrating into its mysterious radiance and profound depth through the repeated entwinement of layers of lattice and metal.

Design: Moriyuki Ochiai Architects
Photography: Fumio Araki

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