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Huayue Court – “Fine Chinese Cuisine” – Interpreting a Different Taste of Chinoiserie
Delightful weather and beautiful prospects, which is used to describe Huayue Court. The first time you step into Huayue Court, I am sure that you will be attracted by this fresh and pure blue, even cannot imagine this is a Chinese restaurant. However, who said Chinese restaurant could not be so beautiful? From ingredients to dishes, from the design to decoration, Huayue Court always interprets a new Chinoiserie restaurant.

Ingredients and taste buds
Huayue Court focuses on integration and inheritance of traditional Chinese cuisine which includes Beijing Fruitwood Roast Duck, Huaiyang and Northern cuisine. What’s more, it also joins Guangdong and Sichuan special local foods. That brings different food mix and unique dining experience. This is no doubt the fusion of food and the collision of taste buds.

Compared with dining experience, the design and decoration of Huayue Court shows the designer’s concept and ideas, displaying the symbol elements of China in a completely new way. This is the result of the collision between traditional elements and modern expression.

The fan-shaped plan is a natural symmetrical graphic, which is a good way to help designers build a sense of balanced and ceremonial. The plan of this site is almost symmetrical, and diversified forms of seats bring every guest rich feelings and interest space. In other words, every position has a distinct scenery. The space experience of Huayue Court seems like Chinese Suzhou Garden. YE Shengtao wrote in ‘Suzhou Garden’, “make sure each visitor has a perfect picture at any corner, whether the collocation of flowers and trees or the levels of scenery.

Designers divided the whole space (over 600 square metres) by using semi transparent screens and Chinese garden windows. Creating a picture in the scene and a scene in the picture, both of them complement each other, forming a wonderful visual centre. Through the new expression of traditional garden, Huayue Court brings us diverse Chinese style. In order to make the traditional Chinese elements embodied in contemporary form, designers created the ink and dye pattern on embossed glass and combined the British lattice with sofa cloth. Between tradition and modernity, in the East and the West, Huayue Court finds a perfect balance.

Design: Golucci Interior Architects
Designer Team: LEE Hsuheng , ZHAO Shuang ,Zhang Chao
Photographer: Luluxi

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