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FZDP design studio created a showroom in New York City presenting the collection of luxury sneaker brand FILLING PIECES. The collection of the brand was on display in a Soho NYC showroom. A dynamic grid of lines and hexagonal shapes covers the floor and walls of this New York City gallery. The grid is divided into five separate ‘islands’ in five grey tones. Each island represents a style segment, making up the amazing sneaker collection of the brand.

Since 2015, FLIP ZIEDSES DES PLANTES design studio has been narrating the Filling Pieces visual brand story through the design of several fashion shows, exhibitions and branded art installations. The iconic hexagonal shape is part of this visual language that FZDP created and is applied in modular metal walls and concrete pillars.

For this showroom design, the hexagonal shaped concrete pillars have been beaten flattened into graphics. Two-dimensional graphic decals were packed in a suitcase and flown from Amsterdam to New York City and applied on the floor of the SoHo gallery space. By doing so FZDP design studio created a distinctive showroom design with a minimum amount of material, yet clearly expressing the client’s visual language and DNA of the sneaker brand.

Designed by FLIP ZIEDSES DES PLANTES design studio
Photography by Mark Clennon

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