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Huuun® studio, retaildesign creative team, gets in this project to transmit the essence of Gasparina owner creating with its design proposal an entirely female atmosphere. Huuun® along with Gasparina staff has developed a simple and a minimalist style, but at the same time, adding a series of details and finishes in shades of pink, gold and gray that give that “chic” look and fit.

Several of the initial premises of this project has been to think about how to become in a focus of attention for pedestrians both the facade and a “transparent” element that invites to enter (in fact there is no door or showcase as possible barriers) and interior lighting that besides being studied for the product that is exposed acts parallel to “decoy” from the outside “.
Another very important was not to visually load the space since architecturally we are facing a very rectangular space and we have sought to achieve greater breadth with the design of furniture and selected colors.

Neutral, white walls to highlight the design of coat racks and shelves, where part of the product hangs and is exposed, with a curved metal structure lacquered in a copper tone. With a completely open facade, the retail space of almost 90m2 is divided into two areas, a more open area right at the entrance with a casual fashion product and a more intimate contiguous space where the product is more focused on special moments and events.

As an important element that is in every interior design project, priority has been given to direct and punctual lighting by means of electrified rails so that each of its furniture and product modules stands out. Both the collection counter and the low modules have been made entirely in Krion K-Life white (Porcelanosa Group) material. This product in addition to its finish aesthetic without joints, incorporates a series of activators that influence any type of light on them, either solar or artificial, they begin to work, directly improving the quality of life since they purify the air, they are antibacterial , self-cleaning and, if that were not enough, they eliminate chemical products.

The shape of the coat racks, its coppery color approaching a rose gold finish and together with the props confer their almonds at the entrance of the store generates a very feminine atmosphere. These curved lines make a small nod to the woman’s body. The set of furniture, which is a customer design, is complemented by two glass central tables that copies the wall hanger structures and serve both to support the sale and to display clothing and accessories such as handbags or shoes.

For Gasparina, it was very important that its clients feel comfortable when selecting and testing her clothes, so the fitting area takes center stage both in surface and in finishes (pink-rose coating, velvety fabrics and gray wool carpet) making a very comfortable and cozy space next to the adjoining space for party products.

Designed by Huuun
Photography by Pau Bellido

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