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Mind Mark’
– A space where you get to feel a true ‘Sensory Experience’ Why do people visit bookstores? Once, the bookstore was a place, where one could attain knowledge, but recently, bookstores are transforming into a multi-cultural center that both functions as a place for entertainment and also as a resting area. Square One YP Books transcends the function of just satisfying one’s needs. This bookstore has been designed to stimulate the senses and provide enjoyment with the store alone, providing a complete sensory experience for any customer that steps into this bookstore space. Different from any other design, Square One YP Books incorporates different lifestyles, culture with the essence of a bookstore, becoming a communal “Landmark,” a Square One “Mind Mark.”

Turning Over a Huge Leaf’
– The concept of dramatically zooming in and out can be used as a tool within a space; therefore, turning a page and the layers formed, this image was a motif used for the ceiling design. The objects affixed to the ceiling at different heights create layers, where beams of light are shown through. The whole space plays in harmony with the image of the curved pages made by lightly pressing down on a book. This design was first imagined by thinking of the basic factors which make up a book and a bookstore. This design greets all customers who enter YP Books, and it is an object that reaffirms the store’s identity.

SQUARE1 is a place loved by the community, a place where all generations come together, a lifestyle, a cultural space where one can enjoy shopping, food, culture and experience, and even leisure. Located in the center of the first floor of SQUARE1, YP Books is a bridge that connects lifestyle, culture and books. It is the core of cultural development and will be a new place for people to meet within the shopping mall.

When you enter through the main entrance of the shopping mall and pass through the hall, you will come upon two different roads leading to the left and right. If you follow either road, you will find yourself walking towards YP Books. Since the store has five facades that look like a huge open book, it does not matter which way you come in; you can easily find yourself walking to the bookstore.

The materials and design to make the exterior wall of the store has been minimalized as to follow the theme of the common area. The reason as to why the design forwent walls in favor of glass windows is to not emphasize any barriers within the shopping mall’s ‘public space,’ and be used as a square plaza. For three of the store entrances, YP Books signs have been hung above to attract attention and to let customers naturally assume that they are entrances so they may come in.

At the store center is the book café, which the counter is made up of a huge mass, and also a curving tier, where customers may talk and relax. This café is directly connected to the main entrance, and it is used as a shift zone for customers to move to different areas of the bookstore. The right leads to the ’ Young & Culture Zone,’ where they sell stationeries and small appliances.

The left leads to the ‘Kids’ Zone,’ where they sell products related to hobbies, interests, and infant care; and a ‘Women & Lifestyle Zone,’ which is connected to the ‘Kids’ Zone.’ Through this shift zone area, customers may transport themselves to different zones, where they may read, purchase, converse, and relax. The counter is not only for the café, but it is also a register counter for all store purchases. Naturally, all customers will return to the shift zone. This process will create a circulation in the form of a parabolic wave, motivating the customers to make multiple purchases.

The arena-like curving tier that embraces the café is where the customers can read, enjoy eating desserts on the side tables while sitting on cushions, and connect to power with conveniently located outlets etc. This area has been designed to maximize customers’ comfort and satisfaction. The book café ‘s elegant design is emphasized with its smooth form, making it the center and most significant area of the plaza.

‘Women & Lifestyle Zone’ has books on infant care, interests and hobbies, lifestyle, magazines etc. that are for most female customers. There is also a separate ‘Kids’ Zone’ where customers can be with their children, a resting area utilizing the curving tier, and a bar table situated so that customers can look out the window. ‘Kids’ Zone’ is designed so that parents may read books while looking after their children. It has a curving tier and bookshelf that follows the shape of the curve, and a bar table which follows a landscape motif, which accentuates the atmosphere of relaxation.

The ‘Kids’ Zone’ curving tier and bar table etc. in the resting area, outlets and USB charging stations have been installed for customer convenience. ’Young & Culture Zone’ is for the younger customers. Besides books, there are different types of stationeries, small appliances, music etc. For all furniture close to the windows of the store, it has been designed so that all products are viewable for customers outside looking in.

Furthermore, ‘Best & New Book ,’ where all the best selling books are located, and ‘Hot on Media,’ where all online books are found, are corners that assist customers on making decisions when choosing a book. ‘Best & New Book ’ has been displayed on the right and left of the main entrance, so that it may be viewed by both customers inside and outside the store to double the influence ‘Hot on Media’ corner was designed as another addition of the curving tier.

Designed by DESIGNBONO
Photography by Yong Jun Choi

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