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Shanghai-based practice Minax Architects finds a new approach to traditional chinese teahouse design with their wooden space creating a meaningful optical illusion. Using 999 wooden sticks attached to the chipboard walls and pointing at an identical center, the architects have created an egg-shaped space within a simple rectangular room. The design refers to the great orderliness and refinement of chinese culture.

When the sunlight comes in the round window, the observer can define multiple layers of circles created by the sticks, narrowing from the central axis to the opening. The round window facing the street and the rectangular entrance door which looks out over a garden have a mysterious meaning which is relieved by ancient chinese saying — ‘a circle has a tendency of auto-rotating, and a square has a tendency of stability.’

Minax team hopes that this teahouse will help the visitors reborn during the chinese tea rituals. The house which meant for reaching the highest state of consciousness was under construction for three months.

Designed by Minax Architects

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