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We designed the ROQUE brand based on the life expressions of its two female founders. In a place where life is full to the brim with career ambitions, family connections and soul fulfilling adventure, there is always room for creative expression. The sort of expression that is woven into the fabric of your movements, your words, outfit choice, the music you listen to and your values. Uniquely your own self in every sense, you are irreplaceable. The sort of unique confidence that comes from the tides of life that tests you and produce a stronger you. The you that doesn’t answer to doubt, the woman inside that keeps moving even when it feels the weight of her efforts are too much. A silent determination. A gentle surrender. A pure expression of self.

ROQUE is the muse within each of us. The woman we aspire to be for ourselves and for others. The woman we have yet to unlock and express. We were inspired by the fascinating life of Jacqueline Picasso (formerly Jacqueline Roque) when building the brand story for ROQUE. Best known as the muse and second wife of Pablo Picasso. Their marriage lasted 11 years until his death, during which time he created over 400 portraits of her, more than any of Picasso’s other loves.

When Pablo Picasso met Jacqueline in 1953 at a pottery class he romanced her by drawing a dove on her house in chalk and bringing her one rose a day until she agreed to date him six months later. Jacqueline was her own self-expression, her own artist, dancer, and creator. It was her confidence in her own self that made her so alluring. She blurred the conversation of Muse and Artist and strikes the dialogue of which comes first and asks, can they co-exist within our own selves. There is a Ms. Roque within each of us.

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