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Exquisitely inlaid at the first floor of the Bond City Building, select shop Maison Joseph Deco by YUDesigns locates in the commercial and residential area in Binjiang District, Hangzhou, China. As one of the first estates settled at Binjiang District, the German-designed Bond City Building has drawn great attentions by its unique forbidding appearance. Followed by the growing popularity, more and more designed-oriented cafés, furniture stores, restaurants and bars have come into the picture which transformed this area into the hub of fashion pioneers.

YUDesign keep faith to two main notions in their projects: to have the space echoes the product, and the design-itself induces the patronage and even willingness to promote.

Maison Joseph Deco focuses on the selected art pieces. YUDesign highly respect the owners’ fetish of each carefully reserved art piece collected from all over the world, which explains the reason why the inspiration of their design always lies in the setup of an “Art Space” rather than a traditional art shop. Through different attempts, the teamdedicate to frame the products and to create added value by the enhancement of both the sense of space and the way of display.

Inside the two-layer store, you may find showcases delicately embedded into the forest-green stairways as the transition space between layers. The irregular marble table on the first floor respond to the bronze utensils in the store. Together, an original disordered state emerges. Speaking of the marathon boy statue by Greek brand Sophia, and brass candlesticks by Gloria, green plants are introduced to increase the sense of relaxation.

YUDesign enjoy reputation for application of colors. Colors blocks in pomegranate red, noctilucan blue, and moss green make the best of each other to generate a strong visual impact which contribute to the setup of a pertinent background. Surrealism, dramatist, and absurdity accommodate themselves in the colors, echoing to the art pieces. Attractions perfume the air.

That explains how photographing becoming the most important activity apart from shopping. Inside the space, amongst the art pieces, customers cannot help enjoying themselves catching up the interesting things through camera. Per YUDesign, the real KPI lies in the social media posts from their customers. The final expression of a space design is to allow 101 feelings to be seen from 100 lenses.

Designed by YUDesigns
Photography by Yujie LIU

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