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Once more, Hans Boodt Mannequins ongoing effort to inspire, innovate and push boundaries has resulted in an outspoken, contemporary campaign where they bring awareness of individuality. A global trend is expanding. Abstract silhouettes are becoming more realistic and tangible. Hans Boodt Mannequins is always on a mission looking for unique identities, to translate into shop window mannequins.

Real life examples are 3D sculptured and created in 3D printed realistic characters. A series of characters entirely designed, developed and printed in their in-house design studio. “3D printing has revolutionized the way we work at Hans Boodt Mannequins.” With a 3D design studio, prototyping and responsible production processes in place, Hans Boodt Mannequins is more creative, faster and more cost efficient than ever before.

Each mannequin has a distinctive charisma because they know each brand needs its own character. The 8 different characters in the campaign are just a glimpse of what the company is capable of, the possibilities are endless. Inspired by global trends and travelling the world, different ideas are being used in innovative ways taken from today’s human behavior and interests. Hans Boodt Mannequins’ can be as individual as real people, creating their own identity and values.
Inspiration is everywhere.
Marco Ouwerkerk (CEO): Innovation applies to the way we work at Hans Boodt Mannequins. ‘Being ahead of the game’ is our shared goal.

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