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Sales are often ONE and lost in the fitting rooms due to poor attention to detail. For this reason The General Store identified an opportunity to design Sacha Drake’s new store around the fitting room experience, to make customers feel special, comfortable and able to show themselves in their best possible light.

A two-stage fitting room was devised to firstly make changing into and out of outfits effortless and secondly and only when the guest is comfortable with what she has on, would she pull the curtain aside and reveal herself (to herself) in the full-length mirror, thus using the full extent of the cubical. When (and only when) she is happy with what she is seeing in the mirror is the guest encouraged out into the communal boudoir space for a grand reveal and final zjoosh to complete the outfit.

To continue the positive customer experience through to the front of the store we introduced a main stage set back from the entrance to form an alluring display encouraging customers to engage deeper into the store environment. This stage is a versatile platform designed to allow different types of visual merchandising techniques. It is highlighted by a strong white sculptural element that emanates from the stage in a cosseting and embracing arch shape that dives forward to engage the front of the store and hold the inspirational display elements together. The structure of the sculpture was also conceived to have a practical use and can carry visual merchandising elements to create elaborate and integrated displays.

The sculptural form was inspired by positive images of sunrises and the arc traced by opening arms seen in dance and friendly greetings to imbue feelings of openness and self-confidence. Subtle pink tones in the fitting rooms set off by warm greys, white and a rich timber tone balance the design out to create a simple, clean back drop to Sacha’s clothing designs. The clean glass shop front is designed to draw attention to the sculpture and accentuate the depth of the store so the customer is presented with a more three dimensional, curvy, sculptural and feminine environment.

Feedback from customers has been very positive with high praise being given to the fitting room area which successfully delivers on creating a positive and safe space for guests to experiment with their outfits. Other stores are now in the pipeline!

Designed by The General Store
Photography by Scott Shirley

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