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Shine Moda is tailor-made bridal brand based in Shanghai, we are invited to design their first flagship store combined the function of a showroom and 4 large dressing rooms. Located in a warehouse which has been transformed by the landlord and added in a new structure system along with the old structures, the space was stuffed with pillars – old and new ones, counted 16 pillars standing in middle of a 405-sqm footage. Our main challenge is to carefully allocated the rooms between complex and chaotic sites, some pillars are hidden in partition walls and closets, some are revealed as sculptures freestanding in the space by purpose. Formed a series of pure volumes, the marble blocks and free standing rough pillars, complete a space of masses and voids.

Different from a general layout of boutique retail shop, the design team reduced the use of superficial decoration, employed the minimalist architectural language generates a strong sense of order, thereby a space with a classical atmosphere to convey a feeling of permanence and purity.

Walked from entrance into the portico, two half vaults extend from the ceiling to the wall, one in solid to provide a backstage of sitting area, one in translucent glass to filter the sunlight and bring the outdoor inside. The portico connected to a Brasilia main hall in rigorous symmetrical layout with modular walls and ceiling panels. The wedding showcase hidden in the sheet-like array, forming a gentle but not heavy rituality. Through the wall sequence connected to each fitting room.

Throughout the space, the design team discreetly and respectfully restrained the materials, the combination of gray colored stone, light color texture paint and dark colored silk carpet, formed a palette of various greyish which are close to each other and subtly different. Subdue in color offers a distinct atmosphere helps to focus attention to the display of wedding dresses. For different area and functions, each shelf or display to be discreetly illuminated with different lighting strategies to ensure a best display effect.

The project aims to weaken the concept of an exhibiting and shopping hall, created a pure neutral space for a new fitting-out and shopping experience with simple architectural elements, evokes a sense of ritual and serene, reminiscence an image of a chapel.

Interiors Designers: Atelier tao+c
Design Team: Tao Liu, Chunyan Cai, Weideer Wang, Lihui Han
Photographs: Zhonghai Shen

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