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Stefano Tordiglione Design has been commissioned with creating a refreshing new concept for the Brooks Brothers store in Hong Kong IFC in 2014. The design struck a harmonious balance between the classic feeling of a heritage brand and the expectations of contemporary customers. Three years have passed, and customer habits and preferences have greatly evolved. In 2017, the studio is once again invited to invigorate their concept, this time for the ever shifting trends of Shanghai.

Stepping into a Brooks Brothers boutique, one is put in mind of an exclusive club. The clothing is fashionable and trendy, and yet the cut, the fabrics and the authority of style is of a timeless age of the highest standards. This meeting of contemporary and heritage is no accident, but a hallmark of the brand. To continue this balance in Shanghai, a market which is constantly at the peak of Chinese fashion, the foremost aim of the design studio is to lighten the concept, thus allowing it to breathe in this environment.

The first step toward lightness is to create openness, which is a challenge due to the limited space. Hangers and shelving have moved outward from the walls. Customers are encouraged to peruse between islands of graceful brass lined tables and warm wooden drawers. Elegant grey wooden flooring elates the displays, creating a warm and airy atmosphere where the rich fabrics can speak for themselves.

The classic flavour of the Brooks Brothers brand once again is blended with original touches from the IFC boutique in Hong Kong, including the zigzag style compartments and shelving that give an attractive floating appearance to the products. The ubiquitous golden logo is fashionably understated in brass in two subtly differentiated sections: dark blue and wood for men, backlit accents of white for women.

Nodding to the current vogue, the central station has become a stylish bar counter to one side. A stylish 1920’s style circular rugs designed especially by studio lays in the centre of the boutique. Also of original design are the brass lamps that set off the central displays with industrial chic. Authority and modernity meet in the facade, where a state-of-the-art LED screen is columned by backlit golden logos.

Brooks Brothers is constantly updating itself, and with the help of Stefano Tordiglione and his team, it has once again revealed its timeless relevance. By opening out and adding contemporary touches to their original design, the design studio has put Shanghai customers in touch with the lineage of contemporary elegance and quality that is unique to the heritage brand.

Designed by Stefano Tordiglione Design Ltd
Chief Designer: Stefano Tordiglione
Photo: Nicola Longobardi

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