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Design brief
Client’s request was to develop an interior design for a chain of beer bars that would introduce alternative view for the beer culture. The venue is located in a very heart of the city. The building was a 70-year-old post-war member of the splendid historic Kyiv architecture.

Design challenges
The venue underwent a global reconstruction. It resembled a mine 10 m deep and has been divided into three parts through the construction of crossed metal bars. After the demolition of gypsum walls built by predecessors, ancient brick walls and layers of half-a-century old paint was released.

Design results
Our primary task was to maintain the effect of the strange yet fascinating atmosphere of the venue and to keep the general space untouched. For that, we have installed transparent grid panels. They do not cut space and do not hide the depth of the venue from visitors. Interior stands on contrasts of massive past and futuristic present. We used undirected light to support the atmosphere.

Lead Architects: Slava Balbek, Daria Ovechenko
Photographs: Slava Balbek


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