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An idyllic setting full of contrasts makes El Jardín del Edén a pioneering restaurant in the heart of Barcelona. A new project of Futur2. In the legendary Calle Jovellanos, in the heart of Barcelona, ​​a narrow, dark, charmless space has become an idyllic setting, full of contrasts and reflections, magic and sophistication. Its owners were confident that Futur2 could make it stand out and become fashionable.

El Jardín del Edén, a new project of Futur2
The first decision made by the Futur2 team, under its creative director Pepe López del Hoyo, was to eliminate the mezzanine and open up to double height, so turning a closed, dark space into one that was completely open and spacious. In this way, and by means of hand-crafted wrought-iron tilt and turn windows, they created several rooms with a set of spaces that may be adapted to the needs of the entire day. In this way there can be a single space, two spaces, or both may be closed.

A complete transformation
Thanks to this layout, the client feels comfortable there throughout the day. From breakfast first thing in the morning, until drinks last thing at night. But it’s not only the layout that charms the customers; Futur2 has endowed the place with multiple sensations created by mood lighting and decorative elements that, with the passing of the hours, completely change the appearance of the place.

A sculpture-lamp, designed by Futur2, an element which radiates magic
The highlight of the main floor is a fascinating sculpture-lamp, designed by Futur2, which covers and envelops the wall and part of the ceiling with three-dimensional geometry. Made of metal and translucent material, it is the centre of attention. As the day progresses, it changes colour and tone, can create optical effects and can also generate exclusive projections with video mapping effect.

Stylish contrasts
The main floor is built with bare materials: bricks, cement pieces, unpainted iron, rope lamps, etc., basic materials that have been combined to create an air of sophistication. However, the upper space is completely opposite: white, with molded ornamental pieces, ceramic table tops, floors of cement tiles that simulate carpets, pieces of copper embedded in the floor, rope lamps … And, at the end, a garden enclosed in a metallic green glass box, combining natural plants with sculptures in the form of mirror-like plants in chromed and polished stainless steel which, through bounce lights, achieve a multitude of magical reflections that transport us to Eden.

Mirrors and reflections
This white box is linked to the lower area by other diamond-shaped three-dimensional bronze mirrors that line the side walls. The reflection in the mirrors offers an unreal and magical distortion of small facets, like a diamond. “The space was so complicated that something very special had to be done. Once you discover the potential of a space, you can create unimaginable things”, Pepe López del Hoyo, founder and creative director of Futur2. El Jardín del Edén immerses us in a world of its own, divided into three zones

“The place was so complicated that something very special had to be done,” says Pepe López del Hoyo, founder and creative director of Futur2. “When you discover the potential of a space, you can create unimaginable things, and on this occasion, once we removed walls and were left with the open space, we realized that we could create three distinct zones: the entrance, with a large high space, the upper floor, like a large balcony, and another in the back. That allowed us to play with the contrasts.”

The Futur2 team has managed to create a unique environment, through the use of materials and pieces built and designed exclusively for this project. From small pieces such as furniture, to wrap-around coverings that create a double skin effect and allow for a complete change of scene when night comes.
You will find the Jardín del Edén at number 3, Jovellanos Street (Barcelona). It’s worth visiting. There’s no doubt that it’s a place for lovers of quality design and where seekers of great finds cannot stop exploring.

C/ Jovellanos, 3 Barcelona 08001

Design: Futur 2
Photography: Jardín del Edén

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