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External area: 220 m2
Exhibition area: 400 m2
Position: Archivi 3
The celebrated brand making its entrance through a logo-shaped passageway.
A number of braziers are there to keep guests warm, convincing them to stay a bit longer. The fire lights the path, supported by colorful LEDs.
The inside room is divided into two parts, the two souls of the brand: Heritage, the brainchild of Olmes Carretti, and Urban, which also hosts a capsule collection curated by the Japanese stylist Yoshinori Ono.
The left wing and the central space are dedicated to the trademark, classical items. The floor springs to life thanks to a pattern of light and shadow.
On the right, a vertical garden stands out against Ono’s capsule collection.

Project by: Wea, Wagner Associati

Ph: Tiziano Scaffai

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