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TOPOS DESIGN CLANS announced the latest Shunfenglou seafood restaurant in Yongqiang, Wenzhou, on the coast of East China Sea, with a theme inspired by the ocean beside the city. It’s a famous old fashioned local seafood restaurant. On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of its founding, the owners have announced a bold innovation and entrusted TOPOS to reinvent it as a place with a fully renewed sensory dining experience. Drawing on the symphony “La Mer” composed by the French musician Claude Debussy, who is the impressionist music master in the early 20th century, the designers created a series of synesthetic experiences about the sea with the deconstructed space, and presented an impressionist symphony of blue sea for the new restaurant.


Principal Architect: LIN Chen

Design Team: LV Jie, ZHU Jianming, LU Liyuan, YE Xinyi (intern)

VI Design: SHUN Design

Lighting Consultant: ZHANG Haibei

Photographer: HU Yijie

Construction Firm: YUANHENG Decoration

Project Name: Shunfenglou Seafood Restaurant

Project Location: 1F, Aviation Building, NO. 299, Yongning West Road, Yongzhong Sub-district, Longwan District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Project Area: 1500 m2

Design Period: 2018.07 to 2018.09

Construction Period: 2018.09 to 2018.12

Materials: stainless steel, perforated aluminum plate, JIXIANG aluminum – plastic plate, copper, terrazzo, floor tile, quartzite, MLD wallpaper, NIPPON paint

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