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CUN寸DESIGN proposed the concept of corporate operation space. It is the first space design team in China to combine the concepts of art creativity, technology office and green office to complete the efficiency of corporate office. CUN remains a pioneer in the field of office design development. Every year, our latest thinking on the trends in the office space will be released.
As CUN寸DESIGN grows, we haven’t limited our design thinking to space design, but spread it to wider areas. In recent years, CUN寸DESIGN has focused on helping real-estate companies solve practical problems in a fundamental way so as to magnify the business value of real-estate projects.

General Information  

Project name:Sample Office for Poly·Future Metropolitan

Architecture Firm:CUN Design


Contact e-mail:

Completion Year:2018

Gross Built Area:1400

Project location: Beijing| Future Science Park in Changping District in Beijing


Media Provider

Photo credits: Wang Ting        


Additional credits
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Lead Architects: Cui Shu, Kong Weiqing

Design Team: Cui Shu, Kong Weiqing

Clients:Poly (Beijing) Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Future Science Park Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Soft Display Consultants: Kong Weiqing, Liu Jiajia

Main material|: Wood finish, blue acrylic, white metallic paint, brushed stainless steel, BOLON carpets, silver mirrors, wood grain transfer painting materials, atomized glass

All the info has been pack in Google Drive:
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