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The Waterfront Art Gallery in Nanchang City, China functions as both a landmark and an intimate boundary between city and nature. It combines massive volumes,pristine landscape design and one indisputable wow factor: a floating, semi-circular bridge that connects two levels.

Relying on the typology concept,the ring bridge with a sense of sculpture is embedded into the design concept,which serves both as a connector for the main building and as a response to the undercrossing tunnel in the site adjacent street.

Project name  | Waterfront art gallery,Nanchang Vanke

Category  |  art gallery

Location |  The intersection of zhenjun road and yunjin road, xihu district, nanchang city

Client  |  Nanchang Vanke

Architecture  |  Lacime Architects

Chief Architect |  Songzhaoqing

Design Team  |  ZhaojinxingFangyichenLizhexiang

 landscape design  |  LANDAU Design

Interior design  |  LSDCASA

Photography:|  XingzhiArchitecture

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