Yuexiu Nansha C-units Creative Office Show Flat by C&C Design Co., Ltd., Guangzhou – China

September 1st, 2016 by retail design blog

The project is an creative LOFT office model room which designed for small architectural design firm. Maximize the use of space is the basic design philosophy, and create an efficient, open and relaxed office environment in addressing the basic functional requirements, the design also offers the more possibility of richer characteristics space for marketing.

In order to suitable for this concept, the design team used Loft to shape the space make it contemporary and contracted style, the space’s main color is simple black, white, gray, with line geometry to create a minimalist industrial style space background, and into the bright yellow elements and art decorate and build a sophisticated shines creative space.

The office’s story height is five meters, set up interlayer in order to take full advantage of the space, on the first floor has a public office, reception area, water area, bathroom, the second floor is the manager’s office. Cantilevered staircase use the clear glass as guardrail, not only ensure security but also visually enlarge the space. Long table-shaped work area can maximize the use of space and also make the communicate between designers more easily.

Using the rewritable baked paint glass on the wall realized paperless office concept and more greener. The carpet colorful and with graffiti pattern that show more creative,and also make the office environment more lively. Large areas of white and black silk lines interspersed with in space reinforces the spatial contrast and tension. The second floor manager office with an open style design is for easy lighting and ventilation, both to meet the work also have a space to accommodates customers negotiations.

Designed by Peng Zheng / C&C Design Co., Ltd.

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