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With the success of PlayStation 4, Sony’s PlayStation, which has expanded the domestic user base, required an independent demonstration space for VR which will be released soon and showing products more valuable. We got 100m2 of place to display and collect such things in one place. We tried our concept at PlayStation partner shop in Sejong city. And we decided to express the concept more drastically at Yongsan I park mall.

Space consists of three functions.
1. Sales function in open space
2. Showroom function to stimulate sensibility
3. Maximize brand identity

The spatial concept of Sony PlayStation partner shop that we(IMA) are deploying is “docking”. The meaning of “docking” includes the connection between customer and brand, circulation of sales space and showroom, natural harmony of space and product. For expressing the floating space, we decided to increase the flooring queries white and reflection values (gloss) more than before so that the ceiling circular illumination is better projected.

The wall surrounding the store is not clogged. Applying the transparent glass to make people can see the inside easily at outside. We wanted that the VR test stands also seen from every direction, so simulating movement can also be seen frequently by people outside the store.

The blue pillar in the center of the VR test stand and the radial spreading light frame express the challenging spirit and the energy of the only brand which has created the specialty shop in the Sony PlayStation game market, like an arc furnace that Iron Man holds in his chest.

Customers do not want to only buy a game console. They would like to experience and bring the value of brand together. Also, as the value of brands experienced by customers gets higher, they also will be able to expect sustainable growth of brands. The Sony PlayStation partner shop will be a good example to make the meaning of connection with a customer.

Design Office: studio IMA
Director: Ahn Jae Hyun
Design team: Lee, Ho Yong, Kim Eun Jae
Photos: Lee, Pyo Joon

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