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“Culinary Origin,” the new brand invented by the leading Chinese kitchen appliance company “Robam.” Founded in Hangzhou in 1979, Robam initiated kitchen appliance solutions from the range hoods, and gradually expanded to the ovens, steam ovens, microwave ovens, etc. Robam has been dedicated for years to offering the advanced technology and high-quality products that firmly connect the Chinese families and kitchens. Recently, Robam has been focusing on improving the cooking environments and creating a better life of food culture.

Cross-disciplinary Interaction
In a space which seeks to promote the culinary life, the business strategy minimizing the size of products exhibitions makes the extra space available for the new operation model of cross-domain integration, which assembles the companies having the consistent missions. The new team members are competitive, e.g. the designated chief industrial designer Qiang Wang responsible for hosting kitchenware workshops; the Michelin chef David Guzman creating the kitchen serving Duchesse desserts; the celebrity chef Ying-Chun Chiang teaching the varied cooking classes. The new business model merging the diversified culinary cultures and kitchen appliances has effective influences. In the first-floor exhibition area, the designer brand store “Aida” founded by the Danish artist Poul Pava introduces the playful utensils and occasionally hosts the painting and charity sales activities improves the quality and fun of culinary life.

Finally, the dedicated team works show to the world a unique space format that proficiently hosts varied culinary activities and art exhibition events. This successful business model is the solid evidence bringing to people an unprecedented culinary experience.

Cultural Development
Inspired from the ancient Liangzhu culture, the “Culinary Origin” core value signifies the container with unlimited capacity. Consolidating the images of ancient utensils from Liangzhu culture and the agricultural history proposing to plow in summer, to fertilize in summer, to harvest in autumn and to storage in winter, the building exterior decorated with black, façade embellishments and lattice windows extraordinarily integrates the modern materials and ancient cultures. The design idea advocates the philosophy “utensils carry messages,” of which the utensils symbolize the functional products consolidating the contemporary style and aesthetics standards; the messages stand for the solid methods displaying the innovative culinary cultures throughout the space. The modern shop-in-shop business model has created the one-of-a-kind retail stores.

Flexible Space
Based on the design idea harmonizing the flexible and modularized elements, the new area encompasses the diversified kitchen spaces. Furnished with the modularized furniture and the movable vendor carts, the space utilizations are more effective. Resembling the pop-up stores, the vendor carts can be effortlessly moved to different locations, even to the outdoor. In addition, the extensive space is conveniently accessible for both hosting cooking classes and receiving personal guests. By means of the amalgamation of new and old, and of fashion and tradition, “Culinary Origin” has established an exceptional example showing the vigor of contemporary culinary diversity.

Interiors Designers: CHU-studio
Lead Designer: Alfie Shao
Design Team: Yung-Hsin Yang, Tzu-His Shao, Lie Fie Tjhoi
Soft Decoration: CHU-studio
Photographs: Ivan Chuang


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