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PTZHN recently completed the office design for Zagrava Playrix, the mobile games publisher, located in Rivne, Ukraine. The space consists of 2 stories with similar planning, based on center located meeting rooms, facade oriented working zone, personal office spaces and other supporting spaces. Zagrava Playrix develops and supports mobile games, so from the start of this project team realised that work upon this space must contain places for creativity, work and relaxing.

Structure of the space is based on central meeting rooms, they don’t need so much light as other spaces, that’s why they are perfect for fitting empty non windowed part of the office. Working zone is located near big facade windows, which helps getting maximum of daylight to the desks. Whole working zone on each floor can contain 60 people, so in order to make working more private and comfortable, they are grouped by 6 desks in improvised boxes. Private office spaces are located by the other side of the building, and are made equal by the space and function. Privacy there is provided by wirelessly controlled matte glass doors. Kitchen, gaming room, cafeteria, and classrooms for studying are fitted to the rest of the area. This planning choice provides the shortest communication links between workers and their everyday routine.

Color choices of the entire space were brought from playful mood and atmosphere of Zagrava Playrix working environment. Orange, yellow and turquoise are the main theme, they help color code the space, light and dark grey background colors help highlight bright color spots, and create lots of places where your eyes can catch on.

Design: PTZHN
Photography: Andrey Bezuglov

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