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Lots of brands are moving from offline shops to online shops with the trend of untact society resulted from COVID-19. Consumers are no longer interested in offline shops that only sell products. To revive offline shops, there should be special factors except selling only products that can attract consumers. Spyder Haven, located in Namyangju city, Gyeonggi do, plays its role as a complex sports and culture space as well as an outlet shop meeting the trend.

The design concept is ‘The Power of Core.’ The slogan of Spyder brand is ‘LIMITLESS’. It shows the source of hidden power of Spyders that challenges limit. It suggests that a brand can satisfy consumers with the space of Spyder Haven as a community hub.

Atypical shape of pipe structures that stretch upward emphasizes facade design showing spider’s web. It also visually shows strong image of the brand at the same time. It is nature friendly not damaging the surrounding environment. The design is easy to recognize so that it can transfer the identity of Spyder Haven.

They provide futsal game and training programs at the stadium outside the shop so that the customers can participate in the league and classes not just purchasing goods. They can positively participate and understand the brand through the programs. It will naturally attract the customers who have different purposes to visit the place.

If you enter into the futsal stadium, there are two buildings. One is for outlet and another is studio. It used stud as finishing materials for the outlet which has the main goal of selling products. People can get the image of rough space with the densely arranged studs that are attached to the wall vertically. They can use the walls flexibly if necessary using the channel system inserted regularly between studs. It accomplished unique and strong image with hanger design that makes uses of rack furniture.

Studio is a complex space that can accommodate sports leagues held by Spyder Korea, youtube filming, runway show and taking pictures. It can also be used as Spyder Lap. They can install stage lightings using the truss structure on the ceiling. With its minimal finish, they can enjoy variety of contents activities.

It is significant that Spyder Haven is an outlet space with unique design using industrial materials that we can see easily around us. It provides consumers with variety of contents so that people can see the direction of the brand after Corona pandemic.

Designed by Betwin Space Design


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