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Driven by the growth of E-commerce, retails space has been shifting from simple sales space to physical Ads for brands, experiential showrooms, and the 3rd space for customers to reflect, rest and reset. ICD undertook the branding for BLUEMO and translated the brand identity into store design and all the visual presentations with a spiritual slogan “I wear, I care”.The first practice of the brand SI is BLUEMO 001, the highest eyewear store in Hangzhou, China.The space communicates the spirit of the brand:
I. Eyewear is Necessity-Dangerous Encounter
II. Eyewear is Accessory-Effective VM Guides the Best Choices
III. Eyewear has its Shelf Life-Time labels in the space
ICD created strong brand identity and make BLUEMO a lifestyle brand.

Project:BLUEMO 001

Location:Ocean International Center A 901,Gong Shu District,Hangzhou, China

Branding/Interior Design: I Collective Design


Principal: ZHANG Zhen

Project Design: WANG Di

Area: 72㎡

Materials: Acrylic panel, Lazer foil, 3M™ Dichroic Glass Finishes, Corrugated aluminum plate, Terrazzo

Design Period: 07/2020-08/2020

Construction Period: 10/2020-12/2020

Photograph: ZHANG Zhen

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