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From the design of the space, the branding, application design, communication of the brand, etc., of INC Coffee, we took omnidirectional ways with starting this project. We settled the tagline and offered the core value of INC coffee as role in spreading coffee culture ‘Captivated by the essence of coffee.’

As many people may come and go, a cup of coffee has more meaning than the drink itself and we wanted the space to stand for a circulation of culture. Historically, through the culture of markets, it made grounds for communicating and transmitting cultures. We hoped INC Coffee would be the same market for coffee.

We programmed the space according to the behavior of markets and placed a circle lounge in the inner center for the means of interaction, communications, and circulations of cultures. We wanted to stabilize the new dynamic energy that will flow between the L-shaped building in the background and through the circle lounge at the Gasan Digital Complex. Also, following the path of time, the warmth of the space will be filled by the movement of the sun as the scenery transforms and hopefully be a place where people can cherish seasons and take a moment of breath in the city.

Our attitude into taking on this project was to not simply base on the visual of things but to search for origin like from the phrase , the identity of INC Coffee. Through the narration of INC Coffee, we hope that people experience grounds for cultural communication in a positive space.

Architects: LABOTORY
Design And Audit: Jiyeon Kang, Jieun Song, Hyemi Kim, Youhwa Kim
Photographs: Yongjoon Choi


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