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The Korinkyo Hotel was made for comfort where the sweetness of the moment and timelessness are relayed. The intent is for the guest to feel as if they can remain there entranced by the meticulous work that focuses on materiality and finishing.

The renovation was done with respect to the integrity of the crafted older elements. The initial earthquake-resistant structure having been made almost 50 years ago. The focus on sensory experience and visual appeal run through the smallest of construction details such as the curved corners of the wall, translucency of the curtain, or the smallest visual frames that lead the sight toward the matured greenery.

All are targeted toward a tame and relaxed mood from the most basic structural element to the ornaments and art pieces. There is a studied flow and consistency with the tones, dim lighting, and literal down-to-earth setup. The same flow is exhibited on the facade curves and the coolness of its cladding. A tunneling entrance, hallways, and staircase lead the promenade.

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