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Artificial nature is the product of human’s efforts of remaking nature with technologies. Unlike artificial nature, natural nature exists before the advent of human beings. As artificial nature comes into being, human beings become distinctive components in nature. In this sense, artificial nature and human beings are mutually constructive. In other words, artificial nature and human beings share the same history.
——《Artificial nature philosophy from the meta-philosophical perspective 》
Artificial Nature imitates mountains, forests, valleys and plants across seasons, and embeds smaller stores within the store, which echoes the ecosystem of the fashion trade. The whole process connects business formats, functions and forms. The Ecosystem t

Project Information:

Project Name: Shenzhen OneAvenue Flagship Store of TFD

Design Firm: PMT Partners Ltd.



Principal Architects: ZHAO Weihao, HU Yan , ZENG Zhe ,

Project Director: LIN Yongjun , LIN Mianshi
Design Team: LIN Yongjun , LIN Mianshi , GU Zhenlin, GUAN Haozheng, ZHANG Ge

Photographs: ZENG Zhe, LIN Yongjun

Greenery Design: Yen Wong


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