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Sitting as a solitary diamond in the undulating fields of Ästad Vingård – one of Sweden’s largest vineyards – Restaurang ÄNG is a culinary experience out of the ordinary that engages all senses. The partly underground Michelin-starred restaurant with a spectacular glasshouse entrance in the middle of the lush field is designed by Norm Architects and furnished by Japanese Karimoku to create a stimulating interplay between architecture, food, wine, interiors, and art that makes for a balanced and harmonious 19-course haute-cuisine experience.

The experience of ÄNG starts even before you step inside – walking through the lush meadow with crops and grasses on both sides of the winding pathway leading guests to the sparkling glasshouse that stands as a modern and refined interpretation of a greenhouse turned inside out. Having the iron structure on the inside, it stands like a prism in the middle of the field; Utterly sharp and smooth, mirroring the surroundings.

Taking its name from the surrounding meadows, the new ÄNG explores both the surface and the deeper parts of the Swedish landscape as the souterrain view of the wetlands adds even more peace of mind.

Closing in on the glass house, a small herb garden out front discloses the local touch and approach to the culinary experience you’re about to have. A protective hedge reveals a limited glimpse of a nearby lake but allows you to maintain focus right where you are.

Serving as a subtle indicator of the strong connection between ÄNG and the surrounding nature, the outside stone flooring continues inside as you pull the heavy glass door open and continue the journey. The impression of the glass house is light and lush as you walk past an open kitchen with a grounding stone counter and bespoke artworks with an organic form of language. As you sit down in refined lounge furniture by Japanese Karimoku in solid wood with visible woodworking details and soft upholstery, while still having a feeling of sitting in the middle of the field with nothing but clear skies above your head, it is evident how the space dwells on the interplay between nature and culture, capturing the spirit of the unique locus

Seven wooden and stone sculptures with an organic design language are made bespoke by the talented Norwegian artist, Anders Pfeffer Gjengedal (Løvfall). With inspiration from years in the world of ballet, he works with the sense of form in collaboration with architects and designers alike, turning natural wood and stone into sensual and expressive sculptures.

As the staff starts to decant local champagne and present astounding appetizers made from homegrown produce that’ll make you sit back and simply enjoy the 4,5-hour long pause from the hustle and bustle of every day, the sun is slowly descending beyond the meadow, serving as a calm and ever-changing backdrop to the evening.

Connected by a shared belief in timeless aesthetics and an ambition to create products that meet everyday needs, we set out to create a curated range of products in collaboration with the design studio Bonni Bonne. Based in Norrland, Sweden, the studio was born from a joint passion and fascination for nature, gastronomy, and the presence of everyday aesthetics. With an ambition to highlight some of Norrland’s traditions, they present genuine craft and ancient knowledge in new contexts and in a more modern take as they work with the meeting between poetic and timeless aesthetics to create products out of everyday needs.

In order to emphasize ÄNG’s strong connection with nature, parts of the curated collection are made from green wood – an ancient woodworking method that creates natural silhouettes and raw textures perfect for the atmosphere in the restaurant.

When it comes to haute cuisine, it’s all about this interplay between the many elements that make up the experience – from architecture, design, and lighting, to taste, smell, and sounds. When all these elements are balanced and well-adjusted that is when everything comes together to create a unique and esteemed experience out of the ordinary.

Architects: NORM Architects
Architects Partners In Charge: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Peter Eland
Designer Partner: Frederik Werner
Interior Designer: Hedda Klar
Photographs: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen


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