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switchup created warmth within an industrial backdrop for the Darrow offices in Tel Aviv, Israel. Darrow uses artificial intelligence to uncover and prosecute hidden legal violations. Switchup used a warm palette with different colors and inviting lounge furniture to create a relaxed office environment despite the nature of the office.

The vision was to enable enterprise growth, foster culture, improve resource and capital utilization, support higher talent attraction and retention levels, and provide exceptional opportunities to benefit from this law’s industry-leading space management.

The most noticeable feature is the glass-door meeting room in the center of the space. An elegant reinterpretation of transparent structure stands proudly in the center of the floor space.

Darrow design, which appears to be made of only four materials (glass, aluminum framing, plants, and timber flooring), provides an elegant experience.

The playful, iridescent qualities of the dichroic glass, which brings color and reflectivity to the space, give life to the effective but quiet integration of natural and electric lighting systems.

Materials were chosen for their environmental qualities to create a naturally productive environment. For increased natural lighting, we specified abundant indoor plants and other natural materials such as natural rubber and glass.

You will find a giant jungle in the lobby area. A lot of plants give the impression of a natural and relaxing environment.

Employees will be happy to walk through the shared staff space, located toward the north end of the office, away from the main entrance. Flowers, gray, soft orange, and beige are all elements in this space. Many lights hanging from the ceiling make this area very productive and enjoyable.

During the interior design construction, special attention was paid to the transparency of each office. Almost all of the elements and furniture are the same. The ventilation ducts and outlets, as well as the suspension system, are still visible.

The color palette in the kitchen is subdued, with shades of gray, red, and off-white, and intuitive lighting. Darrow’s office space is defined by minimal furnishings and subtlety, exuding warmth and comfort.

Switchup’s design incorporates themes from previous floors in a sophisticated manner. The partitions were covered in custom carpentry tailored to the floor and provided a warm and inviting atmosphere. In every office space, tiles and flooring materials are melted together.

One of the Switchup goals for this project was to take a big space and find a way to arrange it so that visitors feel cozy, warm, and at home. And we succeeded excellently!

Design: switchup
Photography: Peled Studio


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