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The adidas flagship store in Shenzhen gets a new lease on life with a revamped façade. Created by Storeage, an architecture practice based in Shanghai, the entire three-storey building, with a surface of over 3,000 sqm. (32,292 sq.ft.) has been wrapped in an architecturally knit skin that has been generated by an AI algorithm. Capturing the characteristics of strong wrapping and high ductility of the latest adidas high-performance sneakers, extracting the brand weaving pattern as the basic element, the design team developed a set of AI algorithms that simulate the growing, replicating and pausing of biological genes, allowing the pattern grows itself around the building, forming a skin layer that wraps the brand experience center. Through parametric architectural design, the skin coat and its basic units are 3D shaped and structurally calculated. The skin is created from a light-weight molded glass-fibre composite appears soft and gentle, almost in motion even as it seems to lift itself up at the store entrances and windows. Additionally, a large cut-out on the corner reveals a 3D holographic screen showing promo footage of the latest adidas products.

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DUO Photography


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